The Industrial reported by Leondaro Corp as available. This is the 1 MW “warm Cat”, that provides up to 120 deg C output.



The Domestic Unit is only at concept stage, but the latest Qx developments should see this area dramatically change



Below is a an early image of the Qx technology in the lab. Watch the video’s below for a much more advanced look at where the Qx is now.  Up to 2300 deg C internal temperature.

ecat qx


E-Cat is the technology that is going to be the “game changer” of energy supply for our planet, according to many industry insiders.

E-Cat South Asia is committed to bringing this great technology to the Indian Economic zone, including:

• India,
• Pakistan,
• Bangladesh,
• Nepal,
• Sri Lanka, 
• Bhutan.

The E-Cat technology currently includes:

• 1 MW Industrial unit, certified safe to European Safety Standards
In development:
• New eCat QX that should be capable of running up to 350 °C, under development and expected to be available for purchase in 2018/19
• The Domestic unit that will be designed to provide heat and electricity to the home
In the future:
• The Domestic unit that will be designed to provide heat and electricity to the home
• Mobile solutions designed to provide energy for transportation


We are passionate about solutions that help our planet. We also know the practically that few people can afford to make a difference. E-Cat Technology can help everyone make a substantial difference. This technology has a quick pay-back period, and the whole time has a zero carbon footprint  Also, unlike most other new technologies, the manufacturing is straight forward and does not consume lots of energy itself, or harmful by-products.
E-Cat technology is a clean, non-CO2 emitting/producing technology that creates substantial amounts of energy without the side effects. You can substantially reduce your energy costs AND know that you are helping save the planet.
Furthermore, the planet is running out of easily usable fuel, and governments are still dependent on Nuclear reactors which produce huge by-products to meet the growing demand.
The real truth is that even if we used “every piece of wood on the planet, every piece of grass eaten by livestock, and all food crops, that much biomass could only provide about 30 percent of the world’s total energy needs.” – Dr. Timothy Searchinger, Princeton University


Key Services Offered :

  • Consulting on your energy solutions using eCat technologies
  • Provision of generation equipment for you to purchase and operate
  • Provision of energy on demand


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Power & Energy

We all want good reliable clean energy. eCat promises to deliver. We can work with you to provide energy generation equirement that you own.

Buy energy on contract

Talk to us about options where you purchase the energy produced through long term contracts.

Construction & Building

eCat technology can be integrated with other technologies to provide purpose designed solutions.

Latest News about our Industry


The global Fusion project ITER has had to update their technical specifications now admitting that the multi-billion dollar trial will not produce net power

eCat QX

On November 24, 2017, Rossi performed a public Demo in Sweden coordinated by Mats Lewin, that showed strong evidence of a reliable power generation process that has a calculated COP of 505

Uses for eCat Energy

eCat technology can be used in many ways and many industries. The current Warm Cat can be used widely, but the eCat Qx is where the interest is.

The Rossi effect – Gullstroem theory

Carl-Oscar Gullström has been working on the theory behind the Rossi effect