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E-Cat South Asia is a company that was formed  by two experienced businessmen (Roy Wise & Roger Green) who have a long interest in the health and future of our planet. In their own rights they have focused on solutions and technologies that create benefits for man-kind but reduce our environmental impact.

When Andrea Rossi first announced his success with his E-Cat Technology, Roger and then Roy were both keen to assist Rossi’s Leonardo Corp get this technology to industry and consumers. The technology has two major benefits: much cheaper energy, but also no ecologically damaging emissions or by-products.

So between them, they have created this company to make the E-Cat technology available to India  Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh. They will not do this on their own though. They are engaging other like-minded individuals and their companies to help people, companies and governments in these countries have a sustainable future, and and to access energy at per unit costs that surpass even the cheap and polluting coal alternative.


CEO & Director:              Roy Wise    B.Chem.E,  MBA

Roy Wise has many years of experience in small and large businesses including establishing and operating a business in Melbourne, Australia, acting as Chief Operating Officer for a building supplies importer, as a Senior Project Manager in several industries and some different engagements as a consultant.

After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, he worked for a global Oil company for many years and has an inside understanding of the issues that face the global economy, and a good understanding of many parts of the energy industry as supported by Oil.

Several years after graduating, Roy completed his MBA (Masters of Business Administration) at Melbourne Business School, with a major in Global Finance, and also undertook a unit in Market Entry for new products.


Director:        Roger G. Green

Mr. Roger Green, a New Zealander, is an international businessman based in New York and Sydney Australia and has been active in the promotion of the E cat Technology worldwide. His company E cat Australia PTY LTD holds several E cat licenses in the South East Asia and Australasia regions, including a JV partnership with E cat Africa and a JV partnership with E cat South Asia PTY LTD, which holds the exclusive E cat licenses for India and Pakistan.

Mr Green has been active for over 25 years in environmental, eco-design and emerging green energy initiatives around the world. He is the founder, director and active principal in the Breakthru-Technologies Company, which has sponsored several international conferences and is financing many innovative inventions. He is also CEO of Quantum Resonance Technologies, an R and D company specializing in state of the art designs utilizing the E cat technology for desalination and electrical generation.

In 2008, he founded and is the principle investor in Eco Global Fuels USA LLC, which is moving forward a unique technology that will produce commercially viable renewable transportation fuels like ethanol, without using food, based on sequestering CO2, utilizing a unique catalyst along with  production of the worlds cheapest hydrogen via its intellectual property “hydroxy generators”. This invention was independently validated in 2011 and is now raising finance to build its demonstration prototype.

In addition, Mr. Green is an expert in modern day natural healing incorporating both eastern and western themes through his work as Director of The Academy of Healing Nutrition and is passionate about creating a more humane system of health care.

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