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RELEASE delayed – expected 2015

No obligation, no prepaymentFill in the form below, and we will list you in our database with your date of application, for our first-come-first-served policy10KW Home E-Cat Heating Unit
Estimated Price US$5000-10,000
Estimated 6 months re-fill cartridge cost $150
Estimated Lifetime 20 years

Easy to retrofit into existing water heaters and heating and cooling systems to seriously reduce customers’ electricity and gas bills.

Remember, when you have thermal energy, it is easily converted with known technology into cooling – air-conditioning. All you need to do is bolt on your heat extractor.

The energy density is so high that the E-Cat modules only need to be loaded two times a year. On these occasions, you will simply mail your E-Cat cartridge back to our office to be recycled, and we will send you a re-fill, plus of course you can always have a spare cartridge close at hand.

This will give you an estimated 80 % saving on your electricity and gas bill.

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