The E-Cat family of products is listed below. Over time expect this list to grow.

E-Cat 1 MW

The E-Cat 1MW is the original product. First released for sale in 2012. Available now. Max temp: 120 degrees Celcius

Hot-Cat 1 MW

This new product is undergoing trials and certification. While originally expected early 2013, this has been delayed, and Leonardo Corporation advise and extended period of testing is underway. We now expect the unit availability to be 2014.

Max temperature: 350 degrees Celsius.

Benefits: The Hot-Cat can be used for super heated steam.

Super Heated steam has a multitude of uses.
This product also has a very small footprint.

Domestic Unit

Under development this unit is expected to be released in 2015.

The total energy output is expected to be 5-10 kW.