How does it Work?

The concept of LENR “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” ( aka Cold Fusion) has been studied for several decades. Detailed hypotheses are still being agreed, but LENR is essentially a low level Exothermic reaction between nickel, hydrogen and a special catalyst. The special properties of this reaction release energy from the atoms at levels which are way more powerful than standard chemical processes.

E-Cat technology works by taking a small amount of micron sized nickel powder, applying the catalyst, putting it all in a pressurized hydrogen atmosphere, and applying heat to the setup. Truly novel reactions start to take place between the nickel and hydrogen atoms, and the result is a huge release of energy.

The nickel and hydrogen fuel is cheap, and only tiny amounts are utilized. The energy density is so high that the E-Cat modules require re-supplying only twice per year. The COP is 6: 1, which is unheard of with current technology.

A Ragone plot shows existing technologies  for their specific Energy vs Power. Research has identified that LENR reactions are closer to the nuclear levels than to normal everyday energy sources.

The E-Cat maintains a reaction under strict control in a sustainable manner that releases the energy  as heat. This heat is then transferred to a liquid for transfer to the place heat is needed. The E-Cat can then run almost continuously providing this energy.

Leonardo Technology

The E-Cat is made up of multiple modules so that individual modules can undergo maintenance without stopping the unit. Each module takes a feed of water under computer control . The computer monitors the reaction and introduces load as required and modulates the liquid flow through the reactor to attain the desired temperature for the specific application.

A semi-annual maintenance schedule ensures that all components are operating at peak efficiency and fuel charge (nickel and hydrogen) are replaced. The design of the Industrial E-Cat allows the reactor charge replacement to be done while the unit is operating through special procedures. This is a safe operation.

Dr. Andrea Rossi from Italy, invented the E-Cat technology over many years of research and development, with breakthroughs happening in 2011. The world´s first working 1 MW thermal heat generating plant (ECAT) was demonstrated to the public and verified by many scientists throughout 2011.

Eco Benefits

The LENR technology is fantastic for the planet. It has no nasty by-products and no Carbon Footprint. In fact, it produces energy much better than any other current known method, when considering the unit manufacture and subsequent production.

  • No CO2 output
  • Safe inputs
  • Safe Operation
  • No Nuclear nasty by-products
  • No residue of any kind except Copper and Helium and Nickel and Hydrogen

Different E-Cat models

The E-Cat will come in a variety of sizes, but the initial plans are:

  • Current R&D has proved systems can operate up to 1050 °C, able to produce high quality steam.
  • Industrial E-Cat: 1 MW
    Available now, this unit currently scaled to 1 MW is easily transported,  simple to install into most sites. Services needed are Water, Electricity and Computer network.
  • Units can be connected in parallel to increase the total energy output. The engineering is trivial.
  • Domestic E-Cat: 5-10 kW
    This unit is planned for release in 2015, after achieving all necessary safety certificates. It will be  a simple unit than can be installed by the local licensed plumber.
  • Hot-Cat: Power to be advised
    This unit is in development and is expected to be released well before the domestic unit. Tests show that it has a COP of over 6, with proven temperatures of over 350 °C.

Serving diverse markets

E-Cat South Asia has identified the following uses for the Industrial E-Cat

  • Bathing & Showers             · Blanching            · Broths
  • Chillers                                · Cleaning              · Distillation
  • Drying                                 · Melting               · Pasteurising
  • Pre-heating                          · Pressing               · Public baths
  • Smoking                              · Sterilising            · Washing

Industries that will benefit

E-Cat 1MW:

  • Food manufacturing including:
  • Canning
  • Milk
  • Slaughter & Meat processing
  • Baking & Pasta
  • Vegetables
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Large buildings / Offices
  • Apartment complexes
  • Resorts / Casino’s


  • Drying
  • Desalination
  • Electricity Generation

E-Cat Installation Units

Currently in two models: 10kW (domestic units expected in 2015) and 1MW Units (Industrial unit available now) and is used as a hot water generator at 100° C or saturated steam at 120° C.

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